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Our Costs

Whilst we are a business, we are run by people with principles. We understand and appreciate the value of money and always aim to provide clients with value for money, rather than seeking to maximise our own profits. This is reflected in many aspects of our business, including the way that we charge for our services.

Many advisers still charge for their services in a way that is strongly reminiscent of the old commission world. Such charges are often expressed as a percentage of the amounts to be invested or switched, with only minimal attention paid to the actual cost of delivering the advice. By their very nature, these structures also imply that ‘advice’ will result in a transaction, which is not always the best starting point for receiving impartial advice.

In fact, at Lairgate Financial, we do not believe this is the right approach for many reasons. Most importantly, everyone is different and it is simply not fair to adopt such a broad brush approach to initial charging. Put simply, those who have more straightforward requirements should be charged less than those with more complex needs.

After an initial discussion, we will provide you with a fixed quotation for any initial work to be carried out. If you choose to proceed, you will not be under any obligation beyond each stage of work that we agree to carry out on your behalf.

By engaging with Lairgate Financial, you can be assured that if we advise you to enter into a financial transaction of one form or another, it will only be after carefully considering all of your options - and any arrangements we recommend will be in your own best interests, not ours.

Finally, it is important to stress that we will always provide guidance on the feasibility of engaging with us at the earliest possible stage – in other words, whether you are likely to receive value for money. This is because, even with our very fair and transparent charging, it will not always be cost effective to receive and pay for the advice required. To us, good advice which costs more than the benefits it provides is actually bad advice! However, even in these cases we will still always do our best to help during any initial consultation or telephone call.

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Friendly Service

Whatever you want, at Lairgate Financial we will always try to speak your language and tailor our communications to suit your particular needs.

Expert Advice

We are experienced advisers who provide a fresh client focused service for individuals and businesses throughout Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

Clear Objectives

We set clear objectives based on our clients specific requirements and ensure that these are met and reviewed as necessary going forwards.

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