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In a nutshell, we advise anyone who would benefit from receiving professional financial advice. This may take the form of a one-off piece of work, such as those seeking guidance on their options within an existing workplace pension. Or it may be someone who is seeking an ongoing advice and asset management service in relation to an existing pension or investment portfolio.

In terms of our existing client profile, these are most commonly over the age of 55, with a number in their 90’s (in the case of the latter, the wider family are almost always involved in the advice process).

We also advise the owners of small businesses where there is often a high degree of crossover between their needs as individuals and the needs of their business. Such advice is usually delivered in conjunction with other professional advisers eg accountants and solicitors.

We also advise accountants and solicitors directly, most notably as investment advisers for Trust investments they administer.

Most recently, we are advising more clients who are wishing to explore their options in light of the new pension freedoms. This includes those who are seeking to transfer their benefits from ‘Final Salary’ pension schemes – and we hold the specialist qualifications required to advise in this very specialist area.

If you are unsure about the quality of advice you have received elsewhere or the suitability of your existing arrangements, we also offer a discrete second opinion service.

It is important to stress that we do not discriminate against anyone on the basis of their affluence, in that we have no prescribed minimum limits in relation to existing pension or investment holdings. So, whilst it is true that we do spend a lot of our time advising our existing clients’ (who typically hold six to seven figure portfolios), we do genuinely enjoy working with a wide variety of clients.

Through working smartly and efficiently, we are well positioned to offer advice to many clients who may have been abandoned by their Banks, or who fail to meet the minimum wealth requirements of other financial advisers. We find that this helps to keep us more rounded and widely experienced advisers, which we think is good for us and all our clients.

This is why we call ourselves financial advisers and wealth managers.

Regardless of whether you are a millionaire, just starting out on your financial journey or somewhere in between, everyone is treated with the same level of courtesy and dignity. This is regardless of whether we meet you just once or go on to provide you with many years of service.

Who We Advise

Who We Advise

Who We Don't Advise

As truly professional advisers, we provide rounded advice which may cover several areas of an individual’s financial situation. However, there are two key areas where we do not provide specific advice, these being mortgage arrangement. Whilst we can and do provide generic advice regarding loans and mortgages, we refer any product specific mortgage requirements to a third party specialist.

In addition, it is an unfortunate reality that regulated financial advice will not be a cost effective way forward for everyone. As already stated in the Charges section, we always make it clear at the earliest possible stage where somebody is unlikely to receive value for money by engaging with us. An alternative way forward for such individuals might then be to consult with the Government backed ‘Money Advice Service’ especially for more straightforward requirements.

Advice the way YOU want it

We advise a diverse range of clients and understand that everyone has different levels of financial literacy. We appreciate that some people are more experienced and take a greater level of interest in the technical details of what we do. At the same time, we appreciate that others have very little interest in financial matters, even though they recognise its importance to their financial well-being. Many people sit somewhere in between these extremes.

We therefore understand that there is simply no point in speaking to clients in the same, one dimensional manner, regardless of where they stand on this spectrum. If you really have no interest in financial matters and just want to know what to do, we will explain things clearly and simply, rather than bamboozle you with jargon just for the sake of it. For more experienced investors, we are more than happy to discuss the technical details where that is appropriate and provide graphs, charts and spreadsheets galore if that is what you want!

Whatever you want, at Lairgate Financial we will always try to speak your language and tailor our communications to suit your particular needs.

Remember, you are the client - you decide how you want to be advised!

Please note we will must always provide clients with a minimum level of information during the advisory process, which is an unavoidable part of working within a complex and highly regulated environment.

Friendly Service

Whatever you want, at Lairgate Financial we will always try to speak your language and tailor our communications to suit your particular needs.

Expert Advice

We are experienced advisers who provide a fresh client focused service for individuals and businesses throughout Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

Clear Objectives

We set clear objectives based on our clients specific requirements and ensure that these are met and reviewed as necessary going forwards.

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