Why Choose Us?

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At Lairgate Financial, our mission is to provide a fresh approach to financial advisory and wealth management services. We are experienced advisers who provide a fresh client focused service.

We understand the longstanding impact that our advice can have on clients lives and never take this responsibility lightly. We understand that clients are generally in need of clear advice or guidance. They want advisers who actually care about their financial well-being and take the time to understand what they want.

We are sure you will find us refreshingly different. Lairgate Financial are a fresh, open and transparent financial advisory and wealth management firm. We could use various adjectives such as proactive, straight-talking, approachable, professional etc. We would rather put it more simply; we are here to help and we speak your language. Straight-talking financial advisers - now that is refreshing!

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Truly Independent

Lairgate Financial remain truly independent, in all respects and we are authorised directly with the Financial Conduct Authority. We are not part of a financial advisory network, where advice and product decisions can be taken out of a firm’s hands. Neither are we tied or linked to any other financial institution in any way, so there is never the slightest risk of bias within any product recommendations we make.

Instead, we remain committed to using the best funds and the best products available from the entire market place and don’t rely on very small panels and model portfolios. As an independent Company, we do not have set criteria or policies which might prevent certain individuals from seeking our advice based on levels of affluence.

The true guiding principle for seeking financial advice should be whether the recipient will or is likely to receive value for money, and whether advice is suitable for their needs and objectives. That is the only criteria that we apply when assessing anyone who is seeking our advice.

All in all, we act as you might reasonably expect an independent firm to act.

No Salesmen

There is, of course, nothing wrong with salesmen and selling - but when it comes to financial advice, we believe that people should receive clear, unbiased advice from qualified professionals.

Unfortunately, despite recent reforms, there is little doubt that financial services is still dominated by a sales based culture, where the selling of products tends to take precedence over the quality and suitability of advice.

At Lairgate Financial, we are refreshingly clear of sales managers, sales targets or anything approaching that way of working. It may sound clichéd, but our key measures of success are the quality of our advice and service, culminating in the financial well-being of our clients. This is where we choose to concentrate our efforts and resources because we firmly believe this is the right way to operate a professional advisory practice.

First and foremost then, at Lairgate Financial you can be assured that you will receive unbiased, professional advice, not a sales pitch. This also means, for example, if you do not need a new financial product then we will not recommend one.

We don’t think that is an unreasonable expectation for anyone who is seeking professional independent financial advice.

We Put Our Clients First

Of course, like any business, we need to attract new work and new clients. However, the fact is that we spend a lot of our time attending to the needs of our existing clients and running their investment and pension portfolios, rather than chasing brand new clients.

Wouldn’t you like to deal with a firm that puts the needs of its existing clients first?

Not just office hours and weekdays

We don't really have strict office hours. The reality is that 9 to 5 is not always convenient, so why just stick to those hours! We pride ourselves on catering for our clients needs, so if you want to meet or chat in the evening or over the weekend then just ask. Call on 01482 860 700 or email us.

Potential clients are invited to discuss their requirements with us at a free initial meeting. This not only gives us enough information to assess whether we can help, it’s also your opportunity to see whether you would like us to act for you, without incurring costs in the process’.

In line with our client focused approach, we are happy to meet with you in our offices, your own home or place of business.

Quick and Responsive

Our fresh approach means we understand the need to deal with things quickly and pro-actively. We are happy to embrace new technology to increase our efficiency, which helps us to keep you better informed and deal with matters as quickly as possible. Deliberately restricting the amount of work we take on and our number of active clients is another important factor in our ability to deal with your requirements in a timely manner.

Friendly Service

Whatever you want, at Lairgate Financial we will always try to speak your language and tailor our communications to suit your particular needs.

Expert Advice

We are experienced advisers who provide a fresh client focused service for individuals and businesses throughout Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

Clear Objectives

We set clear objectives based on our clients specific requirements and ensure that these are met and reviewed as necessary going forwards.

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