We answer some common questions we’re often asked

  • What is an IFA (independent financial adviser)?

    An IFA is a professional advisor who offers his or her clients impartial financial advice. They are able to recommend financial products from the whole of the market.

    Wayne, Phillip or Andrew can advise you on all the financial products we think will best suit your situation.

  • How much do your services cost?

    Transparency is key for us, which is why we always provide you with a fixed quotation for any work. We can assure you that if we advise you to enter into a financial transaction of any kind, it will only be after carefully considering all your options and any arrangements we recommend will be in your own best interests, not ours.

    Should you select us to manage your investments on an ongoing basis, you will find that the annual fees we charge for that service are highly competitive and backed up by continuous monitoring and review to make sure they remain right for you, and are working as hard as possible to meet your objectives.

    Finally, it is important to stress that we will always provide guidance on the feasibility of engaging us at the earliest possible stage – in other words, if we don’t think commissioning full-blown financial advice from us represents value for money, we’ll tell you so, because we passionately believe that financial advice that costs more than any potential benefits it achieves, is bad advice! However, we’ll still do our best to point you towards alternative steps you could take yourself, to help you achieve your goals.

  • How much money do I need to invest ?

    There is no minimum or maximum amount. We welcome clients with holdings of any size, so regardless of whether you are a multi-millionaire or are just starting out on your wealth management journey, whether we meet you just the once or go on to provide you with many years of service, we treat every individual as a valued customer.

    We are well-positioned to offer advice to many clients who may have been abandoned by their banks, or who fail to meet the minimum wealth requirements of other financial advisors.

  • Can you help me build an investment strategy?

    Of course! Whether you’re a seasoned investor or are just dipping your toe in the water for the first time, we can offer you advice on your options and then provide you with a full investment management service on an ongoing basis, to help you meet your wealth management objectives.

    We carry out extensive market research to be able to guide you effectively on your investment choices, maintaining strong relationships with what we believe are the market-leading investment providers.

  • Can you advise me on a pension?

    Absolutely! We provide independent, whole-of-market advice in all the usual areas of financial services, including pensions. If you are unsure about the quality of advice you have received elsewhere or the suitability of your existing pension arrangements, we also offer a discrete second opinion service.

  • Do you advise businesses?

    We advise the owners of small businesses, where there is often a high degree of crossover between their needs as individuals and the needs of their company. Such advice is usually delivered in conjunction with other professional advisors, such as accountants and solicitors.

    We also advise accountants and solicitors directly, most notably as investment advisors for Trust investments they administer.

    And we can also guide small businesses on company pensions for employees.

  • I have an unconventional investment idea – can you help?

    We’re willing to discuss any ideas you might have for building your portfolio, from commercial property to direct stock market investments. Indeed, we have numerous clients who we’ve helped to build up considerable wealth by guiding them on how to develop their germ of an idea.

    However, we don’t provide advice on unregulated investments as we don’t believe most individuals have the necessary skill set to truly understand the risks associated with these kinds of investments.

    It all starts with a conversation, so why not get in touch and we’ll listen to what you have to say and give you our honest view as to what might work and what won’t, and if we can help?

  • You say that Lairgate Financial is independently-owned - what does that mean?

    Being independently-owned means that we operate within our own governance structures and processes, which are tailored to what is appropriate for our business and our clients.

    As a result, we make bespoke recommendations based on each client’s individual circumstances, not sales targets that have to be met.