Tax planning

Tax-efficient finances

Navigating the UK tax system can prove both complicated and challenging, even for some financial advisors, never mind the average taxpayer! But you can be assured that the Lairgate Financial professionals have it covered. Please note that the Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate taxation advice.


Decades of experience

Many people across the country are losing money unnecessarily through poor tax planning. With decades of experience in helping clients structure their finances in the most tax-efficient way possible, we are perfectly positioned to help you avoid this mistake and instead structure things to make the most of your available allowances, so that you won’t pay a penny more tax than you need to.

It’s never too early to begin tax planning and, especially if you’re about to retire, now would be a good time to ask us to review your situation and check you’re in a position to get the best value from your allowances after the big day arrives.

Maximum value

Not only that, but we can help you ensure that your loved ones get the maximum value from your estate when you’re no longer around, by guiding you as to the best way of leaving your legacy of property, cash and other items, in line with your objectives.

Our financial planners will advise you on all aspects of tax planning, including inheritance tax, income tax and capital gains tax. Our ultimate aim is to save you, and those you care about, money now and in the future by ensuring you’re in a tax-advantaged situation, rather than disadvantaged.

We advise on the range of options available to businesses and individuals, so get in touch if you are

  • Having to repay some or all of your child benefit back to the tax man

  • A business owner wanting to understand ways to reduce your corporation tax liability

  • Unsure how to reduce the taxation that applies to drawing your pension

  • Looking at ways to reclaim your lost personal allowance for income tax purposes

  • A trustee looking at tax-efficient ways to invest or distribute trust assets to beneficiaries

  • Wanting to know how to effectively manage capital gains tax, inheritance tax gifts and personal allowances

  • Considering how to reduce the inheritance tax liability of your estate

  • Wanting guidance on passing on family wealth tax-efficiently