Making your money work harder for you

People deal with financial decision-making in different ways. Your approach to handling your savings usually depends on your attitude to risk, your dependents, your income, your future aspirations and the amount of money you have available to invest, plus other personal circumstances.


You don’t have to do this alone

Whether you have years of experience planning your own investment strategies, are a complete beginner with just a basic savings account, or are in charge of running a business, charity, school or Trust, Lairgate Financial’s financial planners can help you take the stress out of making these complex decisions.

Tailored to you

Our advice is completely tailored to you, your needs, your expectations and your investment sum, regardless of your wealth. We consider products from the whole of the market when providing advice and, as we are independently-owned, there is no bias as to which provider or investment manager is used. We always act in your best interests, not ours, and we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach.

We advise on the range of options available to businesses and individuals, so get in touch if you are

  • Looking for better returns from your cash investments

  • Wanting to invest a lump sum and/or regular amount of money

  • Needing to review your existing investments

  • Investing as a trustee on behalf of minors, beneficiaries or a charity

  • Considering investing for your children

  • Looking to generate income or growth

  • Keen to know the most suitable investment strategy to meet your objectives

  • Considering investing in ethical or so-called ‘environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG)’ vehicles

  • A business with excess cash that you want to work harder