We love nothing more than making our clients’ investments grow. After all, that’s our mission in life. 

However, what they don’t really see – and neither should they – is the hard work and painstaking admin that goes into ensuring everything we do for them is boxed off exactly right. 

From liaising with pension providers to ensure that deposits and account changes are processed without delay, to making sure all of the information we need at our fingertips to provide outstanding service to every person is meticulously filed, this stuff really matters. 

And the man who ensures it happens, seamlessly and invisibly, behind the scenes, so that  everything goes like clockwork, is Lewis Kelsey, whose name many clients will recognise as the person on the other end of the emails and phone calls they receive from us. 

Needless to say, all this is no mean feat and, dare we say it, some days can bring their stresses and strains.  

So, while he loves his job and the work he does on behalf of our clients, Lewis, like most of us, needs an antidote to help him wind down after a hard day’s filing. And, fortunately, he has several. 

Back to nature 

His first passion began four years ago, when he took over an allotment in Hull with his mum Elaine. They soon found their green fingers and discovered they loved working the land – so much so that they now look after three plots between them! 

“I really enjoy it,” said Lewis. “It’s great relaxation and when I’m there, amongst nature, I feel like I could be literally anywhere. It’s a really peaceful oasis, where I can escape from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life and regroup. 

“I think getting back to nature, nurturing plants and growing your own food, is really good for the soul and chilling out down at the allotment also helps me work through any problems or issues I haven’t been able to get on top of during the day.  

“It means I arrive at the office refreshed the next morning and am in the right headspace to deliver my very best for our clients.” 

Of course, keeping on top of the allotment is challenging too, but Lewis says this manual graft balances out the mental problem-solving and organising he has to contend with during the day. 

“Digging over, building fences and controlling the weeds is a lot of very physical work, but  when I’m doing that it takes all my focus and I can’t think about anything else for that period of time,” he explained. 

“Particularly in the main summer growing season, I go there almost every day after work, and at weekends.” 

And the family’s efforts are paying off, with a host of gorgeous homegrown fruit and vegetables to enjoy as a result, including soft summer fruits like strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, as well as tomatoes and squashes. 

“I get a great sense of satisfaction from seeing – literally – the fruits of our labours,” added Lewis. 

“We’re well on the way to being completely self-sufficient for our fruit and vegetables this year, which is a really great feeling. And, of course, it’s true what they say, that things you grow yourself are far tastier – especially the humble spud!” 

One for the team 

Much as he loves it, the allotment isn’t Lewis’s only hobby – he also enjoys walking his beloved pug, Mollie – another regular visitor to the family’s allotment. 

“She loves spending time down at the allotment with us,” said Lewis. 

“She’s great fun to have around and I think, once again, animals help keep you grounded.” 

And, as if all this wasn’t enough, Lewis enjoys a good game of footy, too. He’s played ever since he was a child and enjoys the exercise and camaraderie that come with the regular training and matches. He’s also played charity matches alongside our Director Wayne, to raise funds for some of the charities Lairgate Financial supports, including a Football for Autism charity match with the Life for a Kid Allstars team against Autism Athletic. 

Lewis’s philosophy of life? 

“I believe that if you try to be nice to people, that comes back to you tenfold, and, generally, it’s good to try to stay reasonably grounded and laid back, and cut down stress by trying not to take yourself – or indeed life – too seriously.” 

And of course, Lewis translates that into his ever-cheerful office persona, where he goes out of his way for our clients, but always with his trademark smile on his face. 

If you would like to see how our friendly Lairgate Financial team could help you,  email us   or call (01482) 860700.